another lovely cinemagraph of coco rocha.



A moment captured in my living room by Jamie. Dress by Oscar de la Renta.

(via oscarprgirl)

coco rocha “cinemagraphs” - the animated gif is all grown up.



So it looks like the animated GIF might finally grow up and become sophisticated.  NYC photographer and active blogger on Tumblr, Jamie - “From Me To You” recently brought the talented Coco Rocha to life with a series of cinemagraphs.

Coco Rocha - Oh So Coco:

Through my new friends at tumblr headquarters I’ve recently come in contact with a very talented new photographer named Jamie. She and her boyfriend create these unique images she calls “cinemagraphs” - more than a photo, but not quite a video.

Mark my words friends, this art form is the way of the future.

On a side note Oh So Coco was one of the first sites to use the MARS theme.